Skream and his Open to Close sets

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The English music producer Skream is an influential exponent to the Dubstep genre. Ever since his early productions he has been playing a wide variation of music styles at festivals and clubs all around the world. He is a regular at Ibiza institutions such as DC10, and at the wildly popular Elrow parties.

For the past few years he has been playing several ‘Open to Close’ sets, which see him take to the decks an entire evening’s exploration of his  record collection. These are the sets he enjoys playing the most; he calls them the highlight of his career. Skream loves playing all night sets because it gives him control over the exact way the evening will go. He gets to incorporate music from different genres and plays tunes from records he spent years collecting. He incorporates different tempos and genres like house, techno, bass, funk and disco. The originality of these nights make every single ‘Open To Close’ set unique, with music the crowd has often never heard before. His creative spirit makes every set very fun and enjoyable for the crowd!

We are excited to have him come play an all-night set in the ideal surroundings of The LiquidRooms Warehouse. Doors will open at 10pm.