Sat 25th October

  • Andy C
  • MC Tonn Piper
  • Eno
  • G-Mac
  • MC BZ

Tonight it’s Xplicit who take the helm for a bass-tastic night in the depths of La Belle Angele and there was no better man for the job than the award-winning, genre pioneering and all round musical superstar than Andy C.

A driving force of the drum and bass scene, this is a rare chance to catch the man himself in up-close-and-personal surroundings. Expect the Ram Recordings boss to give a turntable performance like you’ve never experienced, complete with his signature blistering beats, bass-lead breaks and jaw-dropping technical know-how. Not just content with being a world class artist himself, much of his time is spent garnering new talent on his Ram Recordings label – the likes of Wilkinson, Loadstar, DC Breaks and Culture Shock will all confirm. With more new acts joining both Ram Records and its sister label Program constantly, this synergy between Andy’s successes as a live performer and as the label’s creative director continues to develop with matchless merit.

Joining Andy will be the legendary MC Tonn Piper, who is renowned on the drum and bass scene for his huge stage presence and high-energy relentless style, guaranteeing to captivate and elevate any audience that lies before him.

If you like your drum and bass raw and real then this is most certainly for you.