Sat 29th November

  • KiNK
  • Neville Watson
  • Kirk Douglas

Proud to present one of house music’s most in demand producers and remixers of the moment, our choice to invite KiNK to Edinburgh for a special live show was second to none.

With the Bulgarian-based producer famed for reshaping sounds into completely new beasts, the multi-talented music maker has climbed his way to the top purely through his own grit determination and pursuit of the music dream. Without any sort of real network, media hype or campaign, KiNK’s music alone has seen him rise to the accolade he has since become.

Joining him is the super-talented Neville Watson, whose track ‘Heartstring – The Nothing Special’ was recently voted by FACT Magazine as one of the best tracks of 2014 so far. Having met each other over the internet, swapping tracks and talking music, the pair decided to team up together on various releases, before turning their heads to touring the world with their highly acclaimed live show.

With their raw and undeniable talent, La Belle Angele is the ultimate setting in which to experience these two musical magicians, supported by local talent Kirk Douglas, as their live sets simply strip back to what’s real. No LED light shows, smoke machines or visuals – just a small set up of machines and controllers that allow the duo to celebrate true music directly with their fans.